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Misunderstandings in the connection process of furniture companies


Sep 15,2021

China Wu's lock adjustable adjustable invisible connection process is a brand-new board furniture connection technology, and it is a principle breakthrough invention. Because it is a principled invention, no related technology has been applied in the field of furniture connection technology before this, especially in recent years, a variety of so-called new connectors with the "invisible" concept as the main selling point have appeared on the market.

China Wu's lock adjustable adjustable invisible connection process is a brand-new board furniture connection technology, and it is a principle breakthrough invention. Because it is a principled invention, no related technology has been applied in the field of furniture connection technology before this, especially in recent years, a variety of so-called new connectors with the "invisible" concept as the main selling point have appeared on the market. (Technology), many customers engaged in furniture production are good at furniture production and manufacturing, but they are only users of connectors, which is an unfamiliar field for connection technology. The so-called "interlaced as a mountain", when furniture companies face the market When there are a variety of new connectors (technologies), there is no ability to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies covered by each connector. Based on the so-called use experience, some seemingly professional "judgments" are made on some connectors, or Only a simple one-sided evaluation of a certain technology of the connector can be made. The starting point of this evaluation is based on the inherent thinking of the three-in-one connection process. It is a subjective judgment, not after a thorough understanding of the technical principles of the new connection process. Objective evaluation.
Strictly speaking, the connection technology is not as simple as an accessory. The connection piece is only a carrier to achieve the connection. The furniture used by the connection piece involves a complete set of production processes and supporting equipment and software. Only the producer can fully understand it. Only after the technical principles and processing methods of a certain type of connector (process) can large-scale mass production in the later period be guaranteed without problems and risks.
If we only rely on technical experience and know only some shapes and some basic principles, we will blindly use a certain type of connector (process) to enter large-scale mass production. The problem of later exposure is obvious, and the losses caused by the risks are only our own. bear. It is understood from the recent "hot" "invisible connector" market that many connectors with the "invisible" concept as their main selling point are in accordance with the so-called "requirements" of customers, without the premise that users have not been systematically trained in production processes. Next, through the free distribution of sample parts, let furniture companies conduct sample cabinet experiments to verify the feasibility of their technology. This model seems very formal on the surface. Many companies are also generally adopting the process of updating the process, but many companies have adopted After the sample cabinet experiment was satisfactory, the relevant production factors such as blindly purchasing equipment were put into mass production. According to the company's feedback, a large number of enterprises entered mass production soon after, and many problems appeared. Even if how to improve it, the problem could not be solved. The solution was unsustainable in the end and returned to the old way of three-in-one connection technology. Until the investment failed, many companies did not understand the root cause of the problem. Some companies even made this kind of error many times. One kind of connecting piece is not working, and then this kind of sample cabinet experiment mode is adopted to serious another one. The results have all failed.
The reason for the above problem is actually very simple, that is, it underestimates the production process requirements of the new connection technology, always thinking from the existing three-in-one connection process, considering the technical experience, and unilaterally understanding the connection process as a simple parts problem It is always incomplete to judge a brand new connection process with inherent technical thinking, and it is self-evident that problems arise. In addition, many companies or formal large companies verify the technical feasibility through sample cabinet experiments. They believe that this process is not wrong and fully meets the company's system requirements. Why do problems still occur? Many companies do not understand why the problem is. Where? The reason is that the company ignored a more important issue. Simply put, experimentation and mass production are completely different concepts. Experiments are possible, but mass production may not be applicable. The core is that the mass production rate is too low. Explained a lot of seemingly high-end invention patents, which can only stay in the laboratory, but can't promote the real reason for popularization. There are many examples of this, so I won't repeat them. From the perspective of the production of modern panel furniture, the surface of panel furniture is just an ordinary product. However, compared with color TVs, refrigerators, etc., furniture products have their special characteristics, because after the furniture is processed in the factory, it is strictly speaking only A semi-finished product, there is an assembly link away from the finished furniture product that has real use value, and this seemingly insignificant assembly link plays a decisive role in the quality of the furniture, and even the assembly link determines a connection (process) Whether technology has use value, the assembly link is a content that makes many companies fall into a misunderstanding. Why assembly is more a test of the advanced technology of connection. Through the understanding of some hidden connectors on the market, the reason why experimental verification is possible, but not mass production, the problem is found through the assembly process. Imagine if the assembly speed is slow, or after assembly, the quality of the furniture does not meet the quality requirements, is it caused by the technology of the assembler or the production link. In reality, these two situations exist, but the division of responsibility, Obviously, the proportion of production is larger. If it is affected by factors in the production process, many companies will ask questions. My CNC equipment is of a large brand, the accuracy requirements can be guaranteed, and the production process is produced according to the technical parameters of a certain connector, which fully meets the technology. There are many companies that hold such a view and do not accept such accusations. However, the key to the problem is precisely caused by this misunderstanding. The fundamental reason is that the company only pays attention to factors such as production tools and ignores them. Concerned about the furniture connection process, it is believed that high-precision equipment can produce high-quality furniture. In reality, even the highest-precision CNC equipment has a certain degree of accuracy error in theory. Even if the equipment error is within the allowable range, the plates used for furniture are very different. The plates produced by different manufacturers, whether they are materials, It is still the size that cannot meet the unified specification requirements. If there is a difference in the quality of the plate and the equipment has a certain accuracy, if the quality of the furniture must meet the quality requirements, this will test whether the adaptability of a connector to the plate is wide. In reality, if the technical parameters of a certain connector are fixed, it must rely on the absolute accuracy of the production link. Once the accuracy requirements of the production equipment do not meet the required parameter specifications, and a slight error occurs, the assembly link will be affected. It is troublesome, so that the finished product cannot meet the quality requirements.
In summary, understanding the connection process is the basis, production equipment and software are just some production tools, what kind of equipment or software is needed, just purchase according to requirements, provided that the main energy is to understand the principle of connection technology and Up the production process. In addition, it is open to question whether the practice of large-scale mass production through experimental verification is applicable to any industry, at least that the model is not applicable to the panel furniture industry. Therefore, the technical principles and rigorous technologies of certain connectors have not been understood in detail. Before the training, it was completely wrong to decide large-scale mass production only through sample cabinet experiments. The above is the author's understanding. The panel furniture industry's main misunderstandings are common when they pay attention to or use new connection processes. Technical site inspection, system training, trial production, mass production, four steps are indispensable. This is also the general rules and procedures generally followed by the upgrading process of the human industry.
China Wu's lock adjustable adjustable invisible connection process (piece), as a type of "invisible" connection, does not take the "invisible" concept as the sole technical selling point. It was developed by Weifang Huamei Wood Industry Co., Ltd. for five years. In addition to solving the two basic requirements of invisible aesthetics and firmness that consumers care about, they always address the concerns of enterprises from the perspective of furniture manufacturer producers. In addition to the basic requirement of "invisible" connection, their technological advancement also It has the following technological advances. First, it is high in firmness, and the strength is not affected repeatedly after repeated disassembly. It is never loose; second, it is universally used for any kind and material of the board, whether it is a bad or good quality bad board. It is also a special plate such as PVC aluminum plate or stainless steel. All plates can be used, and the connection is uniform. It is not affected by the quality of the plate. The third is that it has the function of infinitely fine adjustment of the front and back connection accuracy, and it does not depend on production equipment. Absolute accuracy requirements, even if there are 100 wire error defects in production, the accuracy of front-to-back connection can be achieved through the later assembly process Perform stepless fine-tuning to ensure that it is not bad, and there is no need to worry about the quality problems caused by processing errors. The fourth is full CNC processing, and the comprehensive production efficiency is equal to or exceeds the current three-in-one connection process. The fifth is simple, convenient and convenient assembly. Fast, assembly speed far exceeds the current three-in-one connection process.


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