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Welded reducer with O-ring
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Welded pipe joint with O-ring
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Cone seal welded pipe joint
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is from Qidong Lubrication Equipment Co. and Germany CONEXA companies in the China's most economically developed coastal areas of east China jointly set up 10% of the joint venture.Company covers an area of 10,000 m2, workshop covers an area of 3000 m2, the warehouse covers an area of 500 m2. The company specializes in the production of carbon steel,stainless steel and other materials of high pressure pipe connector products...

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Misunderstandings in the connection process of furniture companies
China Wu's lock adjustable adjustable invisible connection process is a brand-new board furniture connection technology, and it is a principle breakthrough invention. Because it is a principled invention, no related technology has been applied in the field of furniture connection technology before this, especially in recent years, a variety of so-called new connectors with the "invisible" concept as the main selling point have appeared on the market.
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What are the advantages of the product assembled by the bar connector?
Wire rod connectors, also known as composite pipe joints, pipe clamps, and connectors, are the main accessories for the assembly of lean pipe workbenches. The production process is a 2.5MM thick cold-rolled plate shearing plate punching deburring electrophoresis treatment. Compared with metal joints, it has good toughness, more convenient installation, no screws, light weight, and prevent product damage. So, what are the advantages of using it to assemble products?
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What are the hardware connectors for panel furniture?
1. Structure type of plate furniture hardware accessories: sofa legs, metal legs, bed legs, cabinet legs, chassis, foot pads, etc. 2. Functional type of plate furniture hardware accessories: screws, nuts, plate brackets, three-in-one connectors, slide rails, drawer rails, tie rods, shoe racks, eccentric wheels, hinges, riding pumps, partition accessories, etc.
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